Upholstery / Fabric Swatches 
Fabric Swatches
Various sizes of sewn upholstery swatches, hanging swatches and wall swatches, all produced to your specific needs. 


Leather - Die Cutting / Debossing 
Leather Swatches
Custom cut leather swatches, die cutting & debossing available. Bar coding and special labeling are also available.

Fringe & Braid 
Fringe & Braid Samples 
Different styles of fringe & braid swatching available; from single fringe cards to large charts to display multiple styles and colors together. Custom Design & Printing Available.

Specialty Items  
Hosiery / Vinyl / Drapery / Blankets / Ventian Blinds  
Custom style swatching available to fit your needs.

Swatch Cards  
Swatch Cards - Die Cutting, Island Swatches, Wall Charts
Various styles of swatch cards or wall charts printed and produced, specificaly for your industry. Headliner, Carpet, Vinyl, Upholstery, Apparel and many more!


Swatch Cards - Die Cut, Fold Cards, Island Swatch
Wall Charts - Carpet, Headliner, Vinyl, Marine
Fringe Swatches - Can be swatched with fabric or separately
Braid Chart & Small Fringe Card (Also pictured - 6 x 8 1/2 fabric swatches, 5 x 7 fabric swatches & 13 x 17 1/2 fabric swatch)
Leather Swatches
Custom die cutting & labeling available
Fabric Swatches
Various styles upholstery swatches
Mill Swatches
Hanging Swatches